As your kids grow each year, their artwork tells a precious story about them, and it's something that you want to keep for them (and for you!) for many years to come. Practically speaking though, boxes and boxes of paintings and drawings can start to take over your house, and there are only so many that you can actually store. Plus over time they can get damaged, colours fade and edges get torn.

Faced with this ongoing challenge and a desire to de-clutter her own space, one very clever mum has come up with a wonderful creative solution to turn your child’s artwork into a collaborative masterpiece.

Using your child's own little creations, Karen Tibbs and the team at ArtRooms can transform an entire art collection into a unique, custom designed and framed statement piece for your home. 


Every artwork is photographed and the images are edited to remove any creases or tears, and they can be retouched and brightened up if needed. Once you have approved your masterpiece, it is printed on high quality stock and framed in Melbourne, and sent to you as a visual history of their childhood and milestones.

Create your own piece with anywhere from 20 – 88 images, depending on how many pieces you have and how much space you have on your wall.

ArtRooms 48 Image Collage.jpg

Modern, simple and stylish, these bespoke pieces of artwork will be a fantastic addition to your home and something that can be kept for many years to come.

To create your very own art collection, visit www.artrooms.com.au